Encitra creates a virtual copy of a city in collaboration
with local universities, city planners and businesses.
For each city we ensure that the model is kept
updated and current with support of local stakeholders.
The model is based on a combination of open source 4D software
and our own additional functionality for project management, GIS
traffic simulation and social media such as blogs
facebook, twitter and more.
First we create the terrain model from accurate GIS data.
Then we add high resolution aerial photography to the model.
Next we add buildings and infrastructure to this virtual landscape.
Roads, sidewalks, tracks and utilities all get set in place.
Virtual guideways define the traffic paths for realtime vehicle simulations.
Fully customizable Non-Player Characters can perform a variety of simulated tasks!
Integrated Control systems coupled to real world data or automated simulations.
Simulate a variety of collision avoidance and congestion scenarios
against real world control systems in a virtual world environment.
External professional transit control systems can
be imported directly to the simulation
The model is ready for light and ambience simulation. (sun)
The model is ready for light and ambience simulation. (moon)
Immersive sound is added to places and vehicles.

Now you can enter this
world with your avatar
either through specific free
graphic software or web browser
Panels and functions for stakeholder dialog are
placed around the virtual environment.
Embed videos into your simulation to project supplementary data about your project
Monitor real time solar energy data based on added solar modules in the model.
The final product!